Here's how you can support us!

1. Preorder our Book to be published this fall - just in time for holiday gift-giving. Send us an email at to join the waitlist for have plans for becoming an annual book series. These books will be coffee table style publications that will feature beautiful photos from our ranch. The book will relate our photos with science that will tell the story about the vital importance of regenerative agriculture and creating an animal-free food future. A perfect gift for everyone in your life who you want to get on board the food change train!

2. Sponsor our Animals. Click here to learn more.

3. Support our Ranch. Click here to learn more.

4. Volunteer your services remotely. We are always looking for graphic design, story-telling, copywriting, photography and video expertise. We are in the business of persuading people to see why food system change is a vital part of creating a


5. Sign-up for our "ideas" newsletter that focuses in on science-based evidence supporting food system change. We haven't launched this yet, however, once we have enough people and organizations signed up for this service, we will dedicate our time to producing this invaluable service for our community of interest that seeks transformative food system change.


6. Hire us for copywriting services. We have quickly developed a knowledge-base of issues connected to the alternative cruelty-free food industry and want to help companies craft successful messages.

7. Endowment for Cell-Based Meat Rescues: Finally, we are setting up an endowment to expand our ranch to include the historic animals that will be used to create cell-lines for cultured meats. Why should these animals go to slaughter? We intend to let them live out their lives until they die of natural causes and help emerging companies leverage these historic rescues for marketing purposes. This aligns with our mission as an educational platform that helps to build a bridge from our animal-intensive food system today, to a animal-free food system in the future. Our goal is during our lifetime to see 95% of the world become animal-free will all aspects of their lives.


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