About Us

Changing Hearts + Minds

We are a family of five who live in Oregon on a small animal sanctuary and organic farm. Our journey from city to a rural ranch has taught us how food is vitally connected to human health, animal welfare and climate change.


Herd on the Ranch is an educational outreach platform. We research and publish science-based, persuasive, shareable content that arms people with tools they can use to influence their spheres of influence. Collectively, we aim to accelerate the transformation of the nefarious Big Food industry into a sustainable system for all life on earth.


Ultimately, our mission is to use the unique lessons learned from life on our farm and ranch to support the inspired efforts of scientists, activists, policy makers and entrepreneurs who are creating a healthier and safer future for animals, people and the planet. 


Our Journey + Dreams


"Herd on a Ranch" is founded + launched on February 14th

We are a not-for-profit educational outreach platform on a mission to change how we grow + eat food so that all living life on earth can thrive + flourish.


We dream of a new era...

when scientists, activists, policy makers + entrepreneurs have enabled humanity to overcome the monster of an unsustainable food system. 


Herds of Interest