Meet Maisey 

Are you smarter than a pig?

Did you know that when I'm rooting through soil I can smell things that are 25 feet away - underground? The things I could teach you about soil! 

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Meet Charm

Can you feel danger before you can see or hear it coming?

We can.

I can hear your heart when you're standing 4 feet away. In the wild, we horses will synchronize our heart beats with the others in our herd in order to sense + communicate danger more quickly. The things I could teach you about the threats + dangers you face!

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We goats thrive in some of the harshest conditions imaginable high up in the rockiest + steepest landscapes the world over. Our evolutionary advantages help to inform our "mountain peak" perspectives + viewpoints that we have regarding the animal kingdom + the human condition.

Can you see?

I can see 8 times as far as you humans. With my superior eyesight, I can see all the rescued rabbits on the "Herd on the Ranch" from 2 miles away.

Herd on the Ranch

We are a rag-tag team of rescues each with a difficult history that informs our worldview

But we share common quest with you. Join us on our journey to overcome the trauma of our past so that together, with you, we can conquer the future + make all life on earth flourish + thrive.

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Herd on the Ranch


Climate Change


Animal Welfare


Human Health




I'm the bad guy on the ranch

Together with my cabal of rescued ranch cats, easily seduced by the joys of mischievousness, I relish my role as dastardly villain who advocates for the interests of Big Food, by maintaining the status quo, spreading confusion + misinformation wherever + whenever I can. After all, it's good for business! 

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Crowdsourcing Information  

We’re looking for innovative talent to contribute science-based, vetted data that will help inform + inspire people to reinvent our unsustainable food systems.


Risk-takers taking on Big Food

You the "Davids" going up against some breathtakingly big + powerful "Goliath" interests controlled by only a handful of mega-corporations. Help us help you to create a level playing field so that you + all your fellow entrepreneurial "Davids" can slay the monster. Onwards!