The living world is in trouble.  

You can help save it by transforming how we grow + eat food.

At Herd on the Ranch we had a choice. Do we leverage your donations to support the rescued animals on our ranch? Or should we aim higher + use our ranch as a platform that could help the people who are helping all animals everywhere on earth by transforming how we grow + eat our foods? And what if by choosing the latter we could help humans + the climate as a whole to boot? 

When we literally give a voice to our animals + turn them into advocates for changing our foods systems, we aim to capture the hearts + minds of the public at large. Our "animal activists" are guides to the people who want to use our content to influence their community of friends + family.  

At Herd on the Ranch, our "animal activists" create content to accelerate the vital transformation of our unsustainable + dangerous food systems. We aim to leverage an animals' perspective + everything we have learned on our ranch + emerging farm + combine these expertise with our community of crowdsourced researchers.

Our shareable content are meant to help guide scientists, activists, policy-makers, entrepreneurs + any concerned citizens who need to change the hearts + minds of the communities in their spheres of influence. 

There are two ways you can support our efforts - funds or research. 

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Ultimately, our goal is to crowdsource useful information that scientist, activists